Keeping control of the real estate deal

The job of a real estate agent is challenging, and it is important to remain in control of the deals you begin as an agent. Make sure both buyers and sellers know that you are confident in your abilities and have valuable expertise to use to their benefit. Although people buying or selling a home may want to dictate the terms of the deal, most will appreciate you maintaining control over the situation since you are the one who knows the market and the prospects. Also, by maintaining control of the deal, you show strength and confidence to your client, which will improve your standing in their eyes.

When meeting with clients, establish your agenda before the meeting and stick with it. Come into the process knowing how you can help the client, and what your services are worth. Make it clear that you know how to sell a house, and while communication from the client is crucial, you do not need them to do your job for you. Present facts about the market and your chances to buy or sell their home as concretely as possible, and keep on track with your mutual goal, making the best real estate deal possible.

Before beginning a deal, find out what the client’s needs and expectations are, and make sure that you can meet these goals. Tell the client what experience and expertise you have that make you qualified to assist them. Make sure to address any concerns they might have about working with you or what they can hope to get from the situation. You may find that the client’s goals are incompatible with your skills. Be honest, and help them to find someone who can better assist them. Most clients will remember this kind of honesty, and think of you when someone they know needs a real estate agent.

If you do lose control of the situation, by either letting the client manipulate meetings and work to meet his or her needs only, or by getting in over your head in a deal you cannot complete, step back and start again. Make sure that the client knows that you know what will work to get the job they want done, and that you need to work with your own methods and schedule. Keep in close contact regarding progress, and let the client know that they are getting their money’s worth. Many people will respect this and leave you to your own devices when they see that your methods work