Welcome on thisisdenmark.info. We specialize in real estate for sale in Denmark. You will find the most up-to-date listing data available on this website.

We’ll find what you’re looking for!

…but you should come personally to Denmark, because only when you are here we can find what best fits for you. To us, personal counseling is fundamental. We are not an anonymous brokers office. With us you can be sure to buy at real market prices or better, without ‘extra’ charges some real estate agents like to apply when somebody does not know the local market very well. We are not interested in ‘breeding’ our own enemies here in Denmark. We want satisfied customers who recommend us. What we earn in this business is the normal real estates agent’s fee, which you have to pay anyway. So by no means you will pay more, if you acquire a real estate object through us. On the contrary, you most likely will safe money and time.

What you find on our web site is not representative for our real estate offer. We add new offers only once in a while, because this is very time consuming. We are a family enterprise specialized on personal counselling.

We are also connected with arquitects and construction firms who can realize all the necessary steps for you: the elaboration of construction plans, construction management and the construction works themselves (new buildings or renovations).